Teini Duro      

Congratulations to our 2017 Tieni Duro Graduates for their team-oriented leadership and successful Student-Athlete careers. Hats off to Ian Dickson, who is off to Cal Poly SLO to study engineering-construction management. And also to Orion Pohl, who is finishing up school locally. And last, to Jason “Frosty” Frost who is attending UCLA on a full ride academic honors scholarship. We are very proud of all of you for your thoughtfulness and determination in your studies and junior cycling.


This year, Tieni Duro claimed State Championship titles in the 17/18 Criterium and 17/18 Road Race. Both races were extremely well contested and hard-fought team wins. In the end, it was Hans Poulson taking the top podium spot with his strong sprinting skills and nose for the line. We are very excited about training and racing together next season!

As if two state champion titles weren't enough, Hans capped-off the season on an even higher note, winning the prestigious Giro di San Francisco in the Men's Category 3 field. Wow, well done sir!


Tieni Duro is renowned for its unique “grassroots” approach. We are proud to have signed up several new riders for the 2017-2018 campaigns.


Tieni Duro will turn 18 in 2018. We are one of the longest standing and most highly regarded Junior Cycling Teams in the entire U.S.A. We take particular pride in the role we play in our community, honoring our heritage by organizing events that are family oriented—and steeped in sportsmanship, openness, and tradition.

Our program is forever indebted to all of our sponsors for their continued support. Their thoughtfulness and vision make Junior Development successful. See below for more about our generous patrons.