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Tieni Duro and all of its junior racers, founders, and mentors, would like to give our most sincere thanks to all of our sponsors for their generous support over the past years.

Their support goes beyond the obvious financial issues. Every one of them has taken the time to go above and beyond in volunteering their time and providing advice and information to our racers. Without their support it would not be possible for us to provide such a wonderful opportunity for the junior racers.

In addition to providing the juniors with an exciting and healthy activity, cycling also gives them the opportunity to learn the importance of team work and commitment in an exciting, supportive, and fun environment.

To all of our sponsors, thank you! We look forward to your continued support over the coming years.

To find out how to sponsor, or to make a tax deductible donation to Tieni Duro, please email Elaine Ebner, Sponsor Liason, at eebner@comcast.net




Hammer Nutrition

Hammer Nutrition

Tieni Duro thanks Hammer Nutrition for their support of our team from inception. We wouldn't be able to provide the services we do without their help! Their fuels and supplements have no added sugar, taste great, and work very well.

Muir Orthopaedic

With more than 20 physicians covering every aspect of orthopedics, physical therapy, rehabilitation and pain management, we offer a comprehensive team approach to musculoskeletal care with the benefit of conferring opinions right on site. Our state-of-the-art center is considered to be one of the leading facilities in the country for orthopedic treatment and care. Our goal is to restore your body's natural movement and abilities.

Capo Cyling Apparel

Capo has been handling our clothing orders for many years and are amazing to work with. Great communication, fast delivery, and excellent quality and style! Thank you Capo for your support!

Bergamo Apparel

Bergamo Apparel

Tieni Duro has been using Bergamo clothing for over 10 years. We wouldn't have it any other way. Quality and comfort are second to none.

Provantage Fitness Coaching

Provantage Fitness is owned by Shawn Rosenthal, an alumni of Tieni Duro. After Shawn received his degree in Neurobiology from UC Davis, he immediately contacted us about sponsoring us and giving back to the program. His training plans are producing top results while not burning the juniors out.

Crank Brothers

Providing some of the coolest parts and tools in the business. Our team is fully outfitted with crank brothers tools and many are riding their components and pedals on their mountain bikes as well.

Frame Up Bikes

Tieni Duro is proud to be supported by Frame Up Bikes. We are proud to say that one of the co-owners of Frame Up Bikes is Chris Reardon, a graduate of Tieni Duro. Frame Up Bikes is focused on providing the best quality service in the area, as well as some top notch brands. Thanks Frame Up for your support!


Tieni Duro has been using Fizik saddles for well over 10 years - we have recently begun to add their shoes and cockpit components to our lineup - We love Fizik for their unmatched comfort on the road!

Continental Tires

Continental Tires

Tieni Duro picked Continental as our first choice for tires as they are one of the most durable and fastest rolling tires on the market, both on and off-road.