Teini Duro      

2012 Team

Tieni Duro is focused on taking junior riders of almost any ability and experience and developing them into better and safer cyclists and racers. Athletes who show a strong commitment to the team and to racing will have the opportunity to compete at several national level events. All riders are encouraged to maintain at least a 3.00 GPA.





2014 Team

Eugene Binunsky
Andre D'Orazio
Ian Dickson
Daniel Erisman
Thomas Erisman
Robbie Farrens
Jason Frost
Drew Levitt
Ashton Lyle
Christian Lyons
Dennis Nguyen
Fernando Padilla
Hans Poulsen
Leonard Schummer
Troy Strickland
Lane Sturgeon
Brigg Wenstrand
Andrew Willis
Kent Wu
Stevan Zygutis